4 Things Startups Forget

4 Things Startups Forget Featured Image

If you’re checking off your list and getting ready to open the doors on your startup, we’re willing to bet you’ve missed at least one of the items on this list. Everyone knows that e-mail, a website, and potentially office space are key to getting started; but how about these items?


You have this cool new office, but do you have connectivity? Some Internet Service Providers may take three to six weeks to get you plugged into the World Wide Web. Be sure to know your options before you sign your lease, as you don’t want to get stuck with slower, more costly products.

The Cloud

Use the Cloud, rather than investing in expensive assets that you will have to upgrade as you grow. Once of the great advantages of the cloud is you only pay for what you need, which falls directly in line with how most startups operate. Since the cloud is scalable it will grow with your company!


You have everything in the cloud, right? But are you backing up your local computer as well? If your laptop gets stolen or falls on the ground are you protected from any data loss? Most people aren’t. An internet based backup solution could save the day, for pennies.

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