Portrait apps have become an internet sensation in recent years, allowing users to edit and enhance their photos with various filters and effects. If you’re a social media user, you may have come across Lensa, an image-editing app that transforms regular selfies into cartoon artwork.

Although these apps are fun to use, they pose a significant risk to data security. In this article, we will examine the potential dangers of using portrait apps. Whether you’re considering downloading Lensa or have already used it, you’ll want to keep reading to learn how you can protect your personal information before it’s too late.  

What Are The Dangers of Using Portrait Apps Like Lensa?

Portrait apps like Lensa introduce the potential for data breaches since they collect a significant amount of personal information from their users. Some of the data that may be collected from you when you sign up or use the app include:

  • Location data
  • Camera access
  • Contact details

Privacy violations are a huge risk when it comes to using apps like Lensa. Since they require access to your camera and microphone, the app can collect personal information without your knowledge or consent. Additionally, many portrait apps track users' location data, which can be used to target advertising or even sell to third-party companies.

When personal data is shared with portrait apps, it opens up the possibility of information misuse. In other words, they may use the sensitive information they collect for purposes other than those for which it was intended. For instance, an app like Lensa may pinpoint you to provide location-based services, but also use that data to send targeted ads from local businesses that may be relevant to you.

Similarly, your contact information can include personal phone numbers, email addresses, and social media account handles. This data can also be used for targeted marketing campaigns or sold to third-party companies, which is a breach of privacy. When your contact information is used, you may experience an increased number of unwanted spam emails, calls, and text messages.

Finally, Lensa and its alternatives may also have a risk of hacking since they store personal information. If its servers are hacked, criminals will be able to access all of this personal data, from photos to contact information, leading to a potential data breach.

The possible consequences of this scenario include online reputation damage for users, identity theft, and financial fraud. Hackers can use the personal information they obtain to impersonate users or create fake accounts in their name, which is a huge privacy risk.

How Can I Safely Use Portrait Apps?

So how can you use Lensa without compromising your data? If you plan on using a portrait app on your phone, take the following safety tips into account first to protect yourself.

Review app permissions

Before downloading a portrait app, review the permissions that the app is requesting and decide if you’re comfortable granting access to your personal information. If an app is requesting access to sensitive details, such as location data or camera access, the app may not be necessary to download at all.

Use a VPN

Using a virtual private network (VPN) can help protect your personal information by encrypting your internet connection. This can prevent hackers from intercepting and protect your location data from being tracked.

Keep software updated

Keeping your software updated can help protect your personal information by patching any security vulnerabilities. Not only do software updates improve compatibility and speed while using your device, but they also create a line of defense against cyber criminals.

Outdated software leaves holes for hackers to enter and steal your data. Since the latest software update on your device will close any openings that have been identified in the previous version, staying on top of this can keep you protected when using unfamiliar apps.

Be cautious of third-party apps

Users should be cautious of third-party apps that claim to be able to enhance their photos with filters and effects, as they may not be as secure as the official version. Check reviews and consider if the app is really necessary before you download it onto your device.

Step Up Your Cyber Security

Although portrait apps like Lensa may be exciting, they come with a significant risk to data security that may not be worth the short-term benefits. Users should be aware of the potential dangers and take steps to protect their personal information. At Vudu Consulting, we understand how critical cybersecurity is, and strive to educate our customers on this topic as much as possible.

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