IT services for schools provide a solid digital foundation for the future.
IT services for schools advances your institution in the right direction.

Adding managed IT to your school provides tons of benefits for the community by diagnosing and fixing persistent issues, improving regular services, and streamlining and automating outdated processes. Outsourcing IT services for schools enhances your ability to foster a positive learning environment for your students.

Expert and experienced IT services provide relief in a time when over half of all K-12 students were utilizing digital learning tools on a daily basis even before remote learning became the norm. By ensuring these technologies are set up efficiently to provide a solid foundation, you will meet your students’ needs wherever they are.


What Do Good IT Services for Schools Look Like?

Holistic IT services surpass taking orders and fixing issues as they crop up. By listening to the needs and goals for your school, excellent managed IT services will provide nuanced insight to create potent solutions. They will also apply their industry expertise to prevent any repeated issues from cropping up again.

Experience with other schools and high-governance industries will elevate the abilities of any managed IT services. With a variety of experiences to reference, your managed IT services will already know what methods to try at your unique institution.

High-level communication and transparency are also essential for excellent IT services for schools. As you begin a relationship with your IT services, they should provide thorough details, rationale, and documentation of their process. Knowing this information elevates your understanding and ensures your needs and goals are being met.  

Ultimately, you should trust that your IT vendor is moving your school in the right direction as they create a framework for your institution. Below we have outlined the five things to look for as you add IT services at your school.


Table of Contents:

1. Establishing a Solid Digital Foundation

2. Digital Infrastructure Protection

3. Preservation of Privacy and Sensitive Information

4. Continued Support and Maintenance

5. Evolution the Right Way


Establishing a Solid Digital Foundation

A solid digital foundation will provide immediate benefits to your school.
A solid digital foundation will provide immediate benefits to your school.

A good IT plan assesses the base of your current framework and starts adding improvements there. Without a solid foundation to build on, your managed IT services will most likely constantly be scrambling to add quick fixes and patches on top of existing issues.

While it can seem overwhelming to change the framework of your digital infrastructure, establishing a fortified base will ensure a good place to work from for the future. Addressing your digital foundation first will benefit your school today and tomorrow.  

Your school may have frequent IT issues because it was developed upon a haphazard or nonexistent foundation. Since change is constant, especially with technology and education, staying up to date on trends, the latest technology, and developments will help your school be prepared for the next big thing.

For example, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, left schools working quickly to develop virtual solutions for all of their students and teachers. They had to work quickly to issue devices, implement learning platforms such as Canvas, and create methodologies to run virtual classrooms. Schools with a solid digital infrastructure had an easier time transitioning than those without.

Managed IT services for schools can facilitate these quick changes as they crop up while also preparing for the future. By unifying various solutions to create a strategy for the future rather than simply providing quick fixes, holistic IT services help schools adapt for the future

Vudu offers this type of visionary strategy for your school. By combining oversights within your existing systems with opportunities for growth, Vudu transforms your digital foundation into a solid starting place to develop an extensive system.  


Digital Infrastructure Protection

Digital learning is an integral part of a contemporary school’s curriculum. As virtual classrooms have become a necessity, a sturdy and well-protected digital infrastructure is imperative for schools to facilitate a smooth learning process for students.

The need for solid cybersecurity protocols has increased in recent years. Reported cyber-attacks on K-12 schools shattered previous records in 2020. With virtual classrooms becoming the norm, there are more chances for vulnerabilities in your school’s network to become exposed.

Phishing attempts, malware attacks, and security breaches are all common ways for malicious parties to gain entry to your school’s sensitive information. Protecting schools from cyberattacks starts with protecting your infrastructure.

IT services for schools protect your IT networks and support remote learning. Your managed IT provider can restrict student access to non-pertinent websites to both protect the network from risky or questionable websites as well as keep students focused.

Managed IT will also monitor your network and implement best practices to protect your digital infrastructure from any harm.


Preservation of Privacy and Sensitive Information

Your school will most likely have digital records of everyone, including addresses, contact information, and health records. Any leak of this data could have serious consequences for all involved.

IT services for schools preserve sensitive information and privacy for students, faculty and staff data with the most top-notch security available. With industry knowledge of best practices, tools, and methods, managed IT ensures all of your important information stays secure.

Vudu has extensive experience with managed IT in high-governance industries, with proven accomplishments of maintaining privacy for its clients.


Continued Support and Maintenance

IT services for schools ensures you have the technological support you need.
IT services for schools ensures you have the technological support you need.

Troubleshooting issues quickly is a major component of servicing IT for schools. An IT services managed help desk should provide relief for any of these troubles while investigating larger issues to prevent them from recurring.  

IT services should also take the lead on providing regular maintenance for your digital infrastructure. Regularly backing up data, updating servers, and implementing the latest cybersecurity practices will ensure your students and teachers are able to learn and teach with technology efficiently.

Any areas that can be automated should, as they decrease human errors, save time, and confirm routine occurrence. IT services can set these up for your school to guarantee continued performance.


Evolution the Right Way

Change is inevitable. Staying ahead of the game will provide your students with the best and most advanced learning atmosphere possible. Enacting digital transformation now will help your school evolve in the best ways.

Adopting a digital strategy sets up your school for future successes. Soliciting the advice of managed IT can provide the vision and strategy that your school needs. They will be able to provide the scope needed that many in-house parties are unable to generate.

IT services help your institution consider new technologies proactively rather than retroactively. Working this way helps schools to improve, create new learning opportunities, and automate manual processes. This allows educators to focus on creating the best possible learning experience for students.


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