Microsoft 365 is one of the best business productivity platforms out there. If you’re yet to start using it in your small business, you’re missing a trick. Maybe you’ve had a look at the features of the platform, but you’re still wondering if the application suite is right for your business.

Chances are, it probably is. Organizations of all sizes, across sectors, can unlock new productivity and efficiency benefits by embracing Microsoft 365. If you deploy the tool strategically, you’ll quickly see that your employees are more collaborative, more engaged and more empowered.

But that’s just the benefits at a high-level. Let’s take a look in more depth at how Microsoft 365 can supercharge your small business.

24/7 Reliability Thanks To The Cloud

Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen. Natural disasters like fires, floods and hurricanes can devastate your office premises. While it’s not nice to think about these things, having a plan for the worst is important.

With Microsoft 365, business continuity planning becomes much easier. This solution is cloud-based, meaning that all your important data and files are stored in an offsite data center. So, if your office is impacted by an unforeseen event, you won’t lose your precious resources. You’ll still be able to access them from different devices as long as you have the right login and passcode. In essence, you can keep business operations going, no matter what occurs!

Enhanced Security and Data Privacy

It used to be that people worried about sharing data with cloud applications, for fear that hackers may steal it or the wrong people might access it. While some cloud applications may have security issues, Microsoft 365 isn’t one of them.

The company has a rigorous, reliable approach to security. Fantastic security features have been baked-in to all of the applications, making it easier for your small business to meet compliance requirements and keep sensitive data safe from threat actors or insider threats.

Cost-Effective Backup

Microsoft 354 comes with extensive backup capabilities, which make it easy for you to store data without the hefty price tag of maintaining on-premises servers. Moreover, in the case of a ransomware event, offsite backup is one of the best defenses you can have!

Embrace The Future of Work

Research shows that employees are actively looking for jobs with hybrid and flexible working opportunities. If you want to retain top talent and hire great people, you need to consider how you can offer agile working.

Luckily, this is exactly what Microsoft 365 was built for. The solution is designed to help hybrid workers thrive. Teams, for example, is a fantastic communications tool for remote meetings and online chats. Plus, with collaboration features across Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, it’s easy for your employees to work on the same documents simultaneously even if they’re in completely different places.

Supercharge Productivity

It’s fair to say we’re in the age of notification overload. Employees are constantly bombarded with different calendar invites, emails, chat messages and much more. Microsoft 365 can help to provide calm within the chaos. The platform works holistically to synchronize email, calendars and contacts.

If you opt to use Viva insights, you can also help your employees to learn more about their learning styles and patterns, so that they can make smarter choices and ensure they don’t overburden themselves.

Predictable Flat Fee

Another fantastic benefit of Microsoft 365 is that you pay a predictable, flat monthly fee. You can easily decrease or increase the number of seats you need, too. This means that, as your business grows, it’s easy to scale up your usage of the programme, which is perfect for fast-moving small businesses.

Moreover, there’s no upfront cost with Microsoft 365, meaning it’s easy to get started without taking a huge chunk out of your bottom line!

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are another great way to adopt Microsoft Office 365. Essentially, these updates mean that whenever Microsoft releases new tools or updates their software, you’ll get access to them immediately without any extra cost. This is much more preferable to the traditional Microsoft license, which only gave the user access to the specific version of Microsoft they purchased. With Office 365, you’ll be at the forefront of innovation, with consistent access to the latest and greatest Microsoft tools at a steady, affordable price.

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