IT outsourcing is a superb way to foster innovation and supercharge your business growth. In fact, the likes of Google, WhatsApp and American Express have all been vocal about the importance of outsourcing to their business models.

Where IT talent is in short reply and business needs for technology are diversifying and becoming more intense, outsourcing the IT function makes excellent business sense.

Below, we’ll help you understand if IT outsourcing is the right decision for your company, as well as look at why many companies choose this model of staffing.

Spur Business Growth

Solutions like AI, automation and big data analytics are crucial to uncovering new efficiencies, driving growth and gaining a competitive advantage in the modern world. In line with this, research shows that digitally mature companies are 23% more profitable than their less mature peers.

Of course, most small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the internal digital prowess of the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple. But they don’t need to if they have the right digital partner.

For organizations looking to harness the potential of technology, but without the internal resources or time to spend on transformation projects, IT outsourcing is the perfect way forward. An excellent partner will assess your business from top to bottom, uncovering opportunities you may have missed to implement digital tools that supercharge productivity and improve the customer experience.

Better still, you won’t have to worry about taking time out of your running business to focus on IT. Your partner will take on the work for you, augmenting and improving your business in the background, while you focus on internal tasks.  

Circumvent the IT Talent Shortage

It’s no secret that the US - and the rest of the world - is suffering from an IT skills gap. Technology has developed at such an astounding pace that there simply aren’t enough qualified professionals out there to fill every role going. According to Korn Ferry’s “Future of Work,” this skills gap is a trillion-dollar problem. The U.S. alone will miss out on $1.748 trillion in revenue by 2030.

With talented IT folk in short supply, it’s more difficult than ever before for SMBs to find suitably skilled talent for internal IT roles. Moreover, IT professionals are expensive. A talented individual could cost a company at least $60,000 annually - and that’s just for one member of IT staff!

If you only have, or hire, one IT person, they will easily become overwhelmed with day-to-day administration tasks. They simply won’t have time for strategic thinking, meaning, chances are, you will be paying a lot of money for basic IT support.

On the flip side, when you outsource, you’ll get access to a team of highly-qualified IT professionals who can take care of all your needs for you. From helpdesk support to big picture brainstorming, a good outsourced IT provider will essentially become your virtual IT department. You can even outsource your Chief Information Officer to us to set strategic IT goals, manage your budget, and plan to achieve them.

Cost Effective

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest benefits of IT outsourcing is the unrivaled cost efficiencies. Going back to the internal IT professional we mentioned. You can typically expect to hire one person internally for about $60,000.

When you hire an outsourced team, you can essentially hire a whole, virtual team of IT professionals for a fraction of the price. Moreover, good IT providers will offer predictable, steady costs with no hidden fees. This helps you with both short and long-term financial planning.

Fulfill Compliance and Security Obligations

Many organizations must now comply with complex regulations like the GDPR, CCPA and sector-focused laws like HIPAA and the GBLA. With strict data security and privacy requirements, and hefty fines, complying with these laws is essential.

But it’s also pretty tricky. If you don’t have the internal expertise and know-how, it’s all too easy to accidentally violate compliance requirements. Again, outsourced IT can be invaluable here.

Our IT wizards aren’t just excellent at technology implementation, they’re also security experts. We can help you to demystify your compliance requirements, and put in place the proper controls and training to ensure you avoid any violations.

Improve The Employee and Customer Experiences

Research shows that employees are more likely to leave companies with slow, outdated technology. At the same time, your customers are developing increased expectations around receiving fast, seamless online experiences.

If you don’t match up to these expectations, you could lose both employees and customers. Fear not, though. A good outsourced IT provider will look at your business holistically, assessing how you can implement technology to make your workers more productive and improve the online customer experience.

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