VoIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a type of communications technology that enables users to make and receive voice calls through an internet connection. Essentially, VoIP technology works by turning audio sounds into data packets that are then transmitted over the internet to the receiver.

Chances are, you already use VoIP systems without even realizing it. Applications like Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom are all cloud applications that harness the power of VoIP technology.

In fact, VoIP has become so popular that many organizations now use it entirely instead of traditional telephone landlines. In line with this, research shows that VoIP business lines jumped from 6.2 million to 41.6 million between 2010 and 2018.

If you’re yet to convert to VoIP in your organization, there’s no better time to do it. Below, we’ll explain how and why you can use VoIP to improve collaboration, communication and productivity - all while lowering costs!

VoIP Use Cases for Small Business

Depending on the nature of your business, you may use VoIP in one or several ways. We often see organizations use VoIP technologies for internal communications, especially with the rise of hybrid and remote working.

It’s quite common for organizations to rely on VoIP-based apps for video calls, voice calls and digital meetings, for example.

As well as this, many organizations use VoIP for external communications, such as holding calls with clients, making sales calls or customer service. VoIP systems are often preferable to traditional telephone lines for this, as the technology seamlessly integrates with CRM software and applications, creating a great, fast experience for employees.

Moreover, VoIP technologies tend to be more reliable than phone signals, which are vulnerable to patchiness and crackling. VoIP, by contrast, offers a very clear, consistent sound. Moreover, VoIP systems come with data analytics capabilities that make it easy for your employees to uncover new insights around the calls they make and the meetings they have.

The Benefits of VoIP for Small Business

There are numerous benefits to be had from adopting a VoIP system in your organization, including:

Easy setup and management

It’s fair to say that traditional phone lines and mobile phone usage can be a bit of a headache from a maintenance and administration perspective. VoIP, by contrast, is fast and easy to install. These solutions come with intuitive interfaces that employees will find easy to use, and it’s very easy to oversee and manage the system, especially if you have the support of a dedicated IT professional.

Empower Hybrid and Flexible Work

Hybrid work is here to stay. So, you need the digital tools that enable your employees to work where, when and how they want. VoIP does exactly that. These flexible solutions integrate with your applications to enable remote conferencing, seamless file sharing and improved collaboration.

Plus, for employees on the go, VoIP makes keeping up with calls and appointments super easy. They no longer need to be next to their desk phone to return or pick-up calls. The technology moves with them! On top of this, VoIP calls also tend to be much less expensive than traditional phone calls - especially if you’re communicating with people in different countries.

Reduce Expenses

Maintaining traditional phone lines is an expensive undertaking with minimal benefits. Often, employees would rather use their own mobile phones than make a call with a landline. VoIP is a much more cost-effective alternative. Internet voice and video calls tend to be free when the connection is between two VoIP or computer systems.

A Solution That Flourishes With You

For small businesses, growth is undeniably the name of the game. By next year, you may have ten more employees than you did in 2020! Given the agile nature of your business, you need digital tools that can scale up and scale down in line with your needs. VoiP does just that. Whether you’ve hired a new team member or opened a new office, it’s super easy to add or remove new users to VoIP - and you’ll only pay for the number of users you have!

Accelerate Ahead of Your Competitors

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Business is undeniably competitive and, often, the customer experience is make or break. With VoIP technology onside, you stand a better chance of making a meaningful, positive impact on your customers, enabling you to leapfrog competitors and gain a bigger market share.

This is because VoIP makes managing internal and external communications much easier, intuitive and intelligent.

Boost Employee Productivity

Poor technology and communications tools can hamper employee productivity and cause feelings of frustration. VoIP technology helps people to overcome this issue, empowering individuals to effortlessly host meetings, contact customers, speak with clients and much more.

Moreover, VoIP calls rarely feature lags or connectivity dropouts, making the experience much more reliable and enjoyable for your people.

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