Does Your Business Have a Sufficient Backup Plan?

Is your business prepared for any disasters that come its way? If you haven’t considered which threats could cause your operations the most trouble, you need to devise a strategy that takes all possibilities into account. Here, we’ll help guide you through these considerations.

4 Things Startups Forget

4 Things Startups Forget Featured Image

If you’re checking off your list and getting ready to open the doors on your startup, we’re willing to bet you’ve missed at least one of the items on this list. Everyone knows that e-mail, a website, and potentially office space are key to getting started; but how about these items? Internet You have this cool new office, but do … Read More

A Layered Approach to Backups

    HOW TO SAVE YOUR BUSINESS $11,000 IN DATA RECOVERY COSTS What do you get when you combine datacenter equipment, a failed air-conditioner and a weekend of 150-degree temperatures? You get a week of no sleep while you’re restoring data from your data backups.  This case, however rare, shows that even though you may have a fully redundant infrastructure, … Read More