How Much Does Tech (and Tech Awareness) Benefit Your Company?

How Much Does Tech (and Tech Awareness) Benefit Your Company?

Business technology can be a complicated topic, and with it appearing in more and more aspects of daily operations, it is important for organizations of all sizes to be sure that they have a complete understanding and awareness of how they put their IT to use. These considerations make it imperative that certain best practices are made part of your standard operating procedures… and for this to be accomplished, company leadership will need to lead by example.

How Aware are You About Your Business’ Critical IT Solutions?

It’s common knowledge at this point that the future of business has a foundational reliance on digital technologies. As a result, it is increasingly important that business leaders, owners, and managers set the tone in terms of adopting them and becoming familiar with these solutions in the day-to-day operations of their organizations.

How important is it? Let’s put it this way: research indicates that a team where half of its members have a comfort level with the technology they use performs more than 48 percent better than those that don’t in terms of revenue growth and business valuation.

Clearly, this is not an opportunity that should be passed up on should it present itself… but as we said above, embracing it will require a top-down approach.

Business Leaders Need to Set a Precedent

Here’s the crux of the situation: regardless of how diligent your team is in using the tools and resources that you have supplied them with, it is just a matter of time before one of them discovers a shortcut or workaround that ultimately creates complications for your organization.

To avoid these complications, leadership needs to set the example and wholeheartedly embrace the tools and processes that are expected of their team members, enforcing compliance as necessary.

What Best Practices Should I Enforce?

To help you get started, we’ve put together a brief list of behaviors and activities that your team should embrace moving forward so that you can more effectively encourage them.

  • Maintain good password hygiene—While there are many other means of securing your resources and accounts that should be adopted, quality passwords remain the foundation of a secure business’ protections. Reviewing the practices that help to improve your team’s use of passwords and implementing them as standard operating procedures will help to establish these habits.
  • Reinforce updates and upgrades—Despite your IT resource being responsible for the maintenance of your technology, the importance of such improvements should still be impressed upon your team members so they know to report any needs that they may spot.
  • When in doubt, check with IT—Speaking of your IT resource, make sure your team knows to lean on them whenever necessary. Their expert advice is often the difference between stress and lost productivity, and business efficiency.

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