IT Projects

If there’s one thing every business can depend on, it’s that change is inevitable. Whether your business growth is outpacing your current infrastructure, you’re relocating operations or you’re simply looking to optimize your network’s efficiency, Vudu’s project-based IT services provide on-demand solutions to the technology issues facing today’s enterprises at every level. You can count on Vudu to approach every project with the same expertise and attention-to-detail we apply to our managed IT services.


Procurement & Implementation

Whether you’re expanding your current IT system or building a new one, partnering with Vudu helps you start on the right foot. We can help you design and implement your system and offer complete lifecycle management. Our years of experience and bulk purchasing power help you stay within budget and make planning for the future a breeze.

  • Network, server, and storage setup
  • Virtualization
  • Telephony / VoIP system installation
  • Custom technology roadmaps
The Right Technology

Optimization & Consolidation

Do your IT operating costs seem unreasonably high? Do you feel like you should be getting more performance out of your network? We offer customized and comprehensive solutions that assess and consolidate your system to take advantage of efficiencies, lowering your current costs as you scale down or prepare for future growth.

Streamline Service

Continuity & Compliance

The regulatory environment is in a constant state of flux. We stay current on the latest government and industry regulations to make sure our clients are always compliant with the latest versions and offer custom-tailored, uniform security to protect your network from vulnerabilities and threats.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • PCI
Secure Your Future

Break / Fix Support

We work hard to anticipate, plan for, and mitigate the risks of incidents so when problems do arise, we are prepared and ready to fix them. Our technicians deliver exceptional service including routine maintenance, emergency repairs and after hours support. We provide dedicated, personalized support unique to each client so you know we are always looking out for you.

We Will Rebuild

Cabling & Infrastructure

The most state-of-the-art network is only as good as the foundation upon which it rests. That’s why value attention to detail in our structured cabling and infrastructure services. We apply thoughtful design, be it modern or modular, and take great pride in laying cable in a neat and organized fashion.

Pretty Little Cables, All in a Row

Put Our Technology to the Test

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