OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Vudu Consulting today announced it has entered into a partnership with Evolution Imaging to provide a luxurious, worry-free experience to Oklahomans seeking medical care.

Evolution Imaging is the newest player in Oklahoma City’s medical imaging space, providing affordable premier MRI services to Oklahomans while using the latest pain science research and mindfulness techniques to reduce the anxiety that often comes with the imaging experience. Evolution’s mission seeks to revolutionize the imaging experience.


“We have a long-time history of working with [the team] at Vudu. We know that they deliver first-class service to what can be challenging and time-sensitive matters, especially in healthcare,” said Amy Lee, owner at Evolution Imaging. “The demand our new practice put on the team at Vudu was a new and unique set of circumstances for both of us. The Vudu team has delivered on all their promises and I know we are set up for future success and they will be right here alongside us as we grow in the future.”

About Vudu Consulting

Vudu Consulting was created in 2008 when we wanted to claim some stake in the emerging world of cloud services. We’ve since developed into a nationwide provider of agile, enterprise-level IT services that drive evolving businesses forward. We think of ourselves as technology wizards, turning data into wisdom that helps us predict changes and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of technology.

About Evolution Imaging

Evolution Imaging, LLC was established by five businesswomen with an 18-year history of owning and operating multiple healthcare facilities.  Their goal is to maximize the patient experience while revolutionizing the imaging industry.


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